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China Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) has opened grandly, Alphavita Bio-scientific(Dalian)Co., Ltd (Alphavita) showed brilliant!

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One exhibition, one industry; one meeting, one world."Innovative Science and Wisdom Lead the Future"The 84th CMEF China Medical Equipment Fair was grandly opened on May 13 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai.


At this CMEF event, Alphavita Bio-scientific(Dalian)Co., Ltd (Alphavita) presented CPC cell modulation aseptic environment solution, carbon dioxide incubator MCO-170, biological safety cabinet MBH-1300A2, BMP biological sample solution, large diameter liquid nitrogen biological container MNR-470s and other products. Ji Zhijian, President of Bingshan Group; Fan Yuekun, Vice President and CDO&CQO of Bingshan Group and Chairman of Alphavita visited the booth of Alphavita and gave guidance.


The exhibition covers an area of nearly 300,000 square meters, with nearly 5,000 domestic and foreign brand enterprises presenting more than 30,000 products, bringing a feast of intelligent medical treatment in the high-tech era to more than 100,000 visitors. During the exhibition, there were a lot of people consultation and negotiation. The new technology and new solution of Alphavita attracted visitors to stop frequently.


In the future, Alphavita will deeply cultivate the three application scenarios of Bio-bank, CPC and IOT, to improve enterprise competitiveness and user experience through digitalization and intelligence.