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On the basis of providing sound maintenance and warranty services, Bingshan has long been committed to providing users with better service, and expands the “inviting in and going out" training model, according to the actual needs of users. The company also carries out school-enterprise cooperation with related institutions of higher education, and integrates the resources of training and teachers in universities and improves the training mechanism through the mode of joint school. On the basis of the original theoretical training and plant workshop training bases, the form of school is combined to carry out trainings of rich teaching content and flexible mode according to the local conditions and individual characteristics of trainees, thus to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of education and training, and do a good job in both basic and routine trainings.


In addition, in order to improve performance and enhance safety in production, the company took the lead in carrying out dual certificate training (the pressure vessel work certificate issued by the Quality Supervision Bureau, and the electrical work certificate issued by the Safety Supervision Bureau) for skilled workers in the most of joint schools established in cooperation with universities, to strengthen the training of special equipment operators, with emphasis on the training of pressure vessel operations, and the special operations of refrigeration and air conditioning. It is emphasized that all employees must hold the specific certificates before being appointed to the post; the company also further standardizes management, enhances safety awareness and safe operation capabilities, improves theoretical level of safety technologies and professional skills of the relevant employees.


Through the trainings, the company also carries out targeted trainings according to the specific requirements of users, while improving the skills and safety levels of the trainees, so that every trainee can operate the units and refrigeration systems in the most effective way, and truly achieve the goal of extending the maintenance cycle and energy conservation, so that users can truly experience the technical awareness and the improvement of economic returns.

Customer service