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Group overview

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  Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale mixed ownership enterprise group with a history of 93years. Bingshan is a green equipment manufacturing enterprise in China, which has mastered the main refrigeration core technologies. It is one of the top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry and the top 500 in China's manufacturing industry.

    Bingshan takes "leading innovation and creating value" as its business philosophy, focusing on refrigeration and heating fields, and laying out a temperature range of -272~430℃. Bingshan relies on refrigeration and heating industrial bases such as Dalian and Wuhan, focusing on sectors such a ‘Pick Carbon Dioxide Emission & Carbon Neutrality’, biotechnology etc. and strives to develop "6+N" fields: Industrial Refrigeration and Heating; Commercial Freezing & Cooling; Air Conditioning and Environment; Compressor and Core Components; Industrial interconnection and intelligent control; Biotechnology & New Business.

Bingshan distributes innovation chain with industrial chain, promote industrial chain with innovation chain, pull demand with supply, lead supply with demand, insist on taking enterprises as innovation subjects, promote collaborative innovation in Industry-University-Research through platforms such as national enterprise technology center, enterprise post-doctoral workstation, refrigeration and heating technology innovation center, Bingshan Industry-University-Research innovation alliance, etc., and iteratively develop specialized and special new products with 1,148 valid patents. Including 5 national and provincial-level specialized small giant enterprises and 21 high-tech enterprises.

    Bingshan adheres to digital empowerment and low-carbon development, embracing the digital wave tightly, through business dataization, data operationalization and data resourcization, and relying on Bingshan Industrial Internet cloud service platform and national service-oriented manufacturing demonstration platform, providing a safe, green and intelligent refrigeration and heating products, services and comprehensive solutions for agriculture, industry and commerce in the whole industry chain from online to offline, and continue to lead the structural reform of the supply side of China's refrigeration and heating business through new fields, new models, new products and new services, and provide customers with the whole life cycle of green and low carbon. Bingshan focuses on developing carbon dioxide emission, carbon neutrality and negative carbon dioxide emission technologies such as high-efficiency compressor, environmental refrigerant, air source heat pump, ground source (water source) heat pump, residual energy utilization, cold storage and heat storage, CCUS (carbon capture, recovery and utilization), hydrogen energy, photovoltaic green energy, smart energy management, etc., and continuously contribute to the realization of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality.