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PAPCDL Win the "Innovative Product Award" at China Heat Pump Exhibition in 2021

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Recently, Panasonic Appliances Compressor (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the heat pump industry event held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center - the 11th China Heat Pump Exhibition. The theme of this exhibition is "Zero Carbon, Comfortable, Smart and Energy Saving". The exhibition focuses on various cutting-edge fields such as hot water, heating, comfort system, drying and industrial special applications with heat pumps as heat sources, as well as clean heating related industries such as solar energy, wall-hung furnace and electric heating.

Since the establishment of the commercial heat pump product center in 2019, Panasonic Appliances Compressor (Dalian) Co., Ltd. has continued to carry out the market promotion of heat pump compressor products. In the past two years, remarkable results have been achieved. In 2020, PAPCDL participated in the China Heat Pump Exhibition for the first time and made a wonderful appearance in the exhibition, which has received high attention from the industry. This year, PAPCDL in the field of heat pump to continue to upgrade products, improve services, sharpen the brand, to create a more temperature of "heat pump special compressor" products, in the beginning of 2021, PAPCDL began to carry out China heat pump exhibition related work preparation, gather all the strength, continue to plan the market. 


The product that won the "Innovation Product Award" this time is "Hermetic DC VFD Scroll compressor for heat pump". This product is the first DC product suitable for R134a / r513a refrigerant in the industry and PAPCDL is also the only scroll compressor manufacturer that won the award.

The technical exchange and speech of the exhibition is another highlight of the China Heat Pump Exhibition, which is another product exchange platform created by the exhibition for industry participants. At the invitation of the organizer, Kong Xiangguo, director of PAPCDL business headquarters, gave a lecture on “Panasonic heat pump solutions”, introducing new products, analyzing new trends and realizing new leaps.  The on-site response of the lecture process was enthusiastic, which added new color to the brand image of the company in the heat pump field.

PAPCDL fully presents the company's brand image and compressor development technology strength to customers through 2021 China heat pump exhibition, and the booth has won high attention from customers. Under the guidance of the leaders of BINGSHAN group and the company, and with the support and cooperation of various departments of the company, PAPCDL has the confidence to reach a new level and make greater progress in the sales of heat pump field.