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Welcome to BINGSHAN! 2021 Digital Fair IT Industry tour team visited Bingshan Free Trade Zone Industrial Park!

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In order to enable the participants of the digital fair to fully understand Dalian's IT industry environment and its characteristics and capabilities in relevant fields, and promote industrial cooperation and exchange, during the Digital Fair in 2021, the Organizing Committee organized the participants to visit Bingshan Group for an IT industry tour to closely investigate the new achievements of Bingshan digital upgrading and transformation of old brands and incubating and expanding new brands of industrial Internet.


On the afternoon of July 23, the IT industry tour team of nearly 100 people came to Bingshan Group Free Trade Zone Industrial Park and visited the Bingshan technology exhibition center, Bingshan refrigeration and heating intelligent manufacturing factory and Bingshan Service 5G industrial Internet service platform.

During the visit, IT professionals from all over the country were deeply impressed by the Bingshan heating and cooling intelligent manufacturing plant. And they appreciated the real-time online maintenance service operation relying on 5G network and AR technology, and looked forward to the extended services market such as machine room hosting, remote diagnosis and fault forecasting based on Bingshan Industrial Internet.


After the event, some visitors visited the Bingshan booth of the Digital Fair again, and described their wonderful feelings of visiting Bingshan Group with the staff.

The IT industry tour team gave feedback to the Organizing Committee about the experience of visiting Bingshan and said it was very rewarding.


In this Digital Fair, Bingshan Group demonstrated the achievements of digital transformation and upgrading of representative enterprises and the specific application scenarios of Bingshan Industrial Internet, especially realizing energy conservation and carbon reduction in different scenarios through digital intelligentization, helping to achieve dual carbon target, which was recognized by leaders at all levels and participants from all parties.