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Transformation business

1. Security transformation

To provide customers with professional and reliable security transformation solutions 

Industry experience: rich experience in security transformation; tailored solutions for you; professional and qualified design and construction teams, to prevent accidents in transformation

Standard and transparent industrial pricing: the equipment, materials, labor, transportation and other costs for the transformation are all clearly marked. A detailed list of charges is prepared for you. The charges are reasonable, and the prices are more clear and specific.

More accurate time period: After the signing of the contract, you will be informed of the construction progress in real time. The project will be delivered to you for acceptance according to the term of the transformation, so as not to affect the normal production and operation.

Countrywide service network: the service network covers throughout the country, to provide you with on-site service and solve your problems in a timely manner.


2. Energy-saving transformation

To provide business executives and operators with professional solutions that can conserve energy, save space, reduce operating costs and achieve the goal of reducing carbon emissions, and helps them to achieve maximum returns on investment!

Traditional gravity liquid supply for ice water devices


1. Two-phase refluxing

2. Suction pipe mouth

3. Ammonia liquid flows to heat exchanger

4. Only the larger droplets are separated

5. A large amount of atomized ammonia is not separated

↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Reduced refrigerant charging up to 85%

BSUT modular ice water device series

1. Greatly reduced product height



2. Micro-gas-liquid separator

3. Sliding rack design, independent support structure

4. Liquidized valve-free liquid pipeline

5. Reduced welds, and low weight 

6. Significantly reduced ammonia charging

7. More efficient heat exchange

Customer service