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Good start of Bingshan in 2021: Panasonic Appliances Compressor (Dalian) Co., Ltd. steadily expand new areas and make a breakthrough in new products.

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 The horizontal DC frequency conversion +EVI compressor independently developed by Panasonic Appliances Compressor (Dalian) Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the test match of customers, and has been successfully applied in 8~12 meters electric bus in December 2020! This is another new application development of ultra-low temperature heat pump vehicle air conditioning field. The first batch of nearly 500 compressors has been sold, and the new products have been put into operation in Qingdao Bus Project and Taiyuan Bus Project.


 Since PAPCDL entered the field of electric bus, horizontal compressor has been sold nearly 3 Lakh units; the main products are AC compressor.


 The development and successful marketing of the horizontal DC frequency conversion +EVI compressor products, improved the PAPCDL automotive product spectrum, opened the Panasonic horizontal DC frequency conversion product subdividing market, expand the sales of a new chapter.


 The impact of COVID-19 has not yet ended and the market competition is still continuing. PAPCDL is making great progress in the main channel of high quality and new development and never give up!


 Panasonic horizontal DC frequency conversion + EVI compressor has withstood the test of "extreme cold weather" in 2020. Under the low temperature environment, it can still maintain stable and reliable operation, efficient heating, create a warm and comfortable space, greatly improve the comfort and satisfaction of passengers, obtain high recognition from customers. PAPCDL relies on the new platform development, with environmental protection, high energy efficiency, high reliability, high stability, low noise, win the favor and trust of customers.


 Product features:

 DC frequency conversion +EVI technology, to meet the heating demand of the carriage in winter of North China.

 Rotation speed range of 20 ~ 100r/s, take into account air conditioning and battery thermal management.

 Optimized damping and noise reduction design, stable and reliable operation.

 New generation of oil circulation system, active oil supply + oil and gas separation + impurity isolation technology, more suitable  for vehicle applications.

 R410A refrigerant, HCFCs free, to avoid the destruction of the ozone layer.