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Bingshan practice the spirit of Lei Feng: "Love the environment, create civilized city" Panasonic Appliances Cold Chain (Dalian) Co. , Ltd. party members carry out volunteer activities in community

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March 5, 2021 is the 58th Lei Feng Memorial Day, and also the 22nd China Youth Volunteer Service Day. On this special day, the Party committee of Panasonic Appliances Cold Chain Dalian) Co. , Ltd. organized party members walked into Xinglin community and take practical actions with volunteers to practice the Lei Feng spirit of serving people. They have made their own contributions to Dalian's efforts to build a civilized city.


The company came to Xinglin community with cleaning tools, together with the volunteers and the teachers and students of Xinglin Primary School, forming a huge volunteer team. Everyone went to their respective cleaning areas under the organization of the community.


The wind is very strong and the temperature is low in Dalian. But it cannot stop the enthusiasm of the party members. They take the party group as a unit, division of labor and cooperation, methodically carry out the garbage. Although it was very cold, no one complained and everyone was proud of doing their part to clean up the environment. Along with us are the students from Xinglin Primary School, they hope to actively join the Party when they grow up. After one and a half hours of cleaning, our sharing area became clean and tidy. Nearby residents thanked the crowd, giving thumbs-up compliments.


This is not only an activity for Party members to learn from Lei Feng, but also for enterprises to practice their social responsibilities. On the way back, the party members have expressed the hope that in the future can have more opportunities to participate in such public welfare activities, with their positive energy to influence others, and explain the party members' selfless and dedication.


Meanwhile, we also hope that more people will join the ranks of volunteers to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and contribute their wisdom and strength to the beautiful city of Dalian.