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Bingshan Group donated anti-epidemic materials to the municipal center for disease control

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In order to provide solid and reliable self-protection and epidemic prevention and control equipment for the front-line "contrarians", Bingshan Group recently donated nearly 2 Lakh RMB worth of vertical pressure steam sterilizer and medical freezer and other epidemic prevention materials to Dalian Center for Disease Control and Prevention through Dalian Red Cross Society.


At the donation ceremony, the person in charge of the microbiological laboratory of Dalian CDC said that the equipment donated by Bingshan Group will help the Dalian CDC fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. The person in charge of the biological business department of Bingshan Group said that as the representative of industrial enterprises in Dalian, Bingshan Group has the obligation and ability to contribute to the fight against the epidemic. It is hoped that through this donation, the biological technology products of Bingshan Group can provide new help for the fight against the epidemic.  Bingshan Group will continue to undertake and fulfill the social responsibility of "Enterprise is the common resource of society", adhering to the business philosophy of "Leading Innovation and Creating Value", protecting life with science and technology, constantly challenging and making breakthroughs, and making contributions to the development of life science in China and even the world.


After the donation ceremony, the engineers of Bingshan installed and adjusted the donated medical equipment on site to ensure the normal use of the donated medical equipment. The equipment engineers patiently explain the matters needing attention in the use of the equipment, and will continue to provide full support in installation and debugging, after-sales service and other aspects.


At the beginning of the epidemic in 2020, Bingshan Group immediately deployed medical equipment to the epidemic front-line, and donated 8 Lakh Yuan worth of medical refrigerators and other biological technology epidemic prevention materials to Hubei and Liaoning CDC.