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Focus on quality and reputation! Panasonic Appliances Air-conditioning and Refrigeration (Dalian) Co., Ltd. won the honor of 2020 national market credit AA grade customer satisfaction enterprise and product

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Double honor   Customers praise

In 2020, the China Quality Association has carried out the selection activities nationwide, through the questionnaire feedback, online tracking, experts recommend layer upon layer selection, Panasonic Appliances Air-conditioning and Refrigeration (Dalian) Co., Ltd. has won the double honorary titles of "National Market Credit Grade AA Customer Satisfaction Enterprise" (70 companies nationwide) and "National Market Credit Grade AA Customer Satisfaction Product" (50 companies nationwide).


This honor fully proves that PAPARDL has been recognized by the national users in the mode of product quality, honest management and innovative development.


In the face of the outbreak of Covid-19, the global economy is facing huge challenges, and all industries are affected. Those who can innovate and transform quickly will be able to open up a new world.


In 2020, PAPARDL actively promoted the deep integration of Internet, big data and artificial intelligence in the company's management, re-positioned the original thinking and mode, divided the industry market in detail, and worked together to complete the unit selection, design, production, installation, commissioning and delivery of many large projects through point-to-point, online and offline interaction, so as to ensure the customer satisfaction return to work and production in time, win the praise of customers.


During the epidemic period, in order to ensure the normal use of client units, the company established a one-stop service mode of central air conditioning based on Internet of things and cloud services, realized "zero" distance contact-less delivery, and obtained the best practice cases in the construction of national smart enterprises.


Quality Assurance   Industry Recognition

In December 2020, the trust evaluation room won the honorary title of "Quality Trustworthy Team" at the national level. There are only 400 enterprises in China, 10 in Dalian, and the only enterprise in Jinpu New District of Dalian to win this honor. It is also the first time for the company to win this honor.


In August 2020, the trust evaluation room of the central air conditioning quality department of the company won the title of "Dalian 2020 Excellent Quality Trustworthy Team"


The trust evaluation room is mainly responsible for the incoming inspection of parts of Absorption Chiller, the evaluation of new parts, the control of harmful substances in parts, and the operation of management system and product certification of Absorption Chiller.


Through two years of continuous construction and improvement of the team, the trust evaluation room rose to prominence, and all the work has been recognized by all parties. Before the establishment of the trust evaluation room, the company entrusted Japan for the evaluation of new parts, but now it has been changed to the Japanese trust evaluation room for evaluation. The team saved a lot of man-hours for the company, cut millions of costs, is one of the company's major rationalization projects.


PAPARDL strengthens the basic management of the enterprise by strengthening the team construction, create a good working and learning environment for employees, expand their development space, and fully mobilize and give play to their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. At the same time, it also stimulates their vitality and contributes wisdom and strength to the development of the company.     


The environment is changing and the situation is changing, but PAPARDL original intention unchanged. PAPARDL will be based on the development of the industry, pay attention to product quality, improve the technical level, to meet customer demand, this is our duty-bound responsibility.


Bring new ideas, embark on a new journey, open new hope, and create new brilliance! Start again in 2021! BINGSHAN together!