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The Party and Government Delegation of Liupanshui city, Guizhou province visited Bingshan Group for investigation

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On July 19, Wei Xiongjun, deputy Municipal Party secretary of Liupanshui city, and Che Min, deputy mayor of Liupanshui city, visited Dalian Bingshan Group. Mr. Ji Zhijian, the President of Dalian Bingshan Group, and the special team of Bingshan work had in-depth exchanges with the delegation on industrial docking. In Bingshan Technology Demonstration Center, President Ji introduced the general situation of Dalian Bingshan Group. President Ji said that Dalian Bingshan Group will actively implement the national counterpart support policy, fully support the agricultural reform and development of Liupanshui city and achieve accurate docking. Local fruits & vegetables picking season is coming. Dalian Bingshan Group will put forward responding strategy quickly, provide fast pre-cooling unit and set up cold chains & logistics demonstration base to solve the urgent need of local farmers. Wei Xiongjun and members of the delegation gave full recognition to the spirit of rapid, efficient and positive response of Bingshan. At the symposium, the two sides had in-depth discussions on cold chain logistics, container-type mobile cold storage and agricultural products differential pressure pre-cooling in agricultural parks. Take kiwi, the local fruit of Liupanshui city, as example, Bingshan experts report one-stop solution for cold chain logistics from the first kilometer of the field to the last 100 meters of the dining table. Liupanshui is counterparty city Dalian should give aid to. Dalian Bingshan Group will make full use of its advantages to meet the actual needs of Liupanshui, promote the innovation of local agriculture and create new value of agriculture.