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Intelligent and innovative industrial park took on a new look. BINGSHAN WISDOM PARK held the opening ceremony

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On August 18, 2018, Bingshan Wisdom Park open ceremony & Strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in Chunliu, the former site of Dalian Bingshan Group.

With the relocation of Dalian Bingshan Group, the old site with 180,000 square meter area in Chunliu has been reconstructed to Dalian Bingshan Wisdom Park Intelligent Comprehensive Industrial Park since January 2017. Bingshan Group and the Southern architectural design institute jointly invested to set up Dalian Bingshan Wisdom Park development Co., Ltd. On the basis of preserving the integral pattern of the old factory, through renovation and repairing, the old factory is transformed into an innovative ecological circle of science and culture.

Under the strong support of the municipal government and Shahekou District government, after more than a year of creativity, design, transformation and investment attraction, the first phase project of Bingshan Wisdom Park has been completed, officially opened and put into operation. After the reconstruction of all phase iii projects, Bingshan Wisdom Park will make up the blank of intelligent and innovative industrial parks in Dalian and even northeast China region.

Jin guowei, deputy mayor of Dalian, extended warm congratulations on the opening of the park on behalf of the municipal government. Mr. Ji zhijian, the president of Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd., expressed his gratitude to all levels governments for their support to the construction of the Bingshan Wisdom Park. He said that Bingshan Group will regard the Wisdom Park as the fulcrum of innovation and development, speed up the business transformation and upgrading, and make it the immortal foundation of Bingshan industry by 2030 when the first century of Bingshan comes. During the opening ceremony, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony of Bingshan Wisdom Park was also held. Fan miao, the general manager of Bingshan Wisdom Park, signed the contract with the first batch of representative enterprises and issued the golden key to open the golden future for them.

Bingshan Wisdom Park was officially opened. The first batch of enterprises are here to innovate and start businesses and incubate the future, meanwhile, the subsequent construction of the park is also progressing simultaneously. Bingshan will use new ways of thinking and ideas to build a future-oriented, domestic leading intelligent innovation industrial park!