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“Show BINGSHAN new look, cheer for our families” The 2th Bingshan Employee Family Day in 2018 was held in Bingshan free trade i

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On July 14, 2018. The 2th Bingshan Employee Family Day themed "show BINGSHAN new look, cheer for our families", was held in BINGSHAN free trade industrial park. Nearly 250 employees and their families attended the activity.

On the day of the activity, the leaders of Bingshan Group warmly welcomed the employees' families and took photos with them.

The morning activity not only arranged the visit, but also organized an employee family communication meeting. During the meeting, the leaders had a cordial communication with the employees’ families.

In the afternoon, Bingshan Group organized employees and their families to go to the blueberry valley in Dalian golden pebble beach for picking and sightseeing activities.

Through this activity, employees' families deeply experienced the working atmosphere of Bingshan Group and have more confidence for the future of Bingshan. Family members said they would support and understand their families' work more in the future and hope that they could make more contributions to the future development of Bingshan.