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Bingshan Group field investigation to assist the target and implement accurate poverty alleviation

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Fan Wen, the vice President of Bingshan Group, and Xu Wei, the minister of Business Promotion Department of Bingshan Group visited Songlin village on July 12., 2018

During the investigation, the branch secretary of the village introduced the basic situation of Songlin village and the construction progress of the cultural square assisted by Bingshan. The leaders investigated the planting of crops in the field. For the problem of winter heating in culture room, the leaders supposed to promote reform project of charcoal-to-electrical heating with Bingshan product and technology to improve the local living environment and people’s living standards.

Mr. Fan and Mr. Xu also visited needy families and attached great importance to solving the problem of children from needy families going to school. Helping needy families to get rid of poverty and become better off, meanwhile, Cultivating more excellent reserve forces for the construction of the hometown.

Through the field investigation, Bingshan Group will combine the development needs of Songlin village with the actual needs of villagers, formulated a series of targeted poverty alleviation solutions, to work together with Songlin village and to realized better result from the poverty alleviation solution.