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Liaoning provincial Games “Panasonic & Bingshan Cup” tennis match officially start

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On July 13, the 13th Liaoning provincial games Mass group and Teenage tennis competition, sponsored by Dalian Bingshan Group co., LTD and Panasonic Corporation of China, officially start. This match took place in the tennis center of Dalian sports center. Tennis players from all over the province gathered in Dalian to compete in the tennis competition of the provincial games.

The unique item of this year “Panasonic & Bingshan Cup” is the addition of mass sports event. From July 13 to 15, the tennis competition of the mass group began. There were 86 tennis players from 7 cities in the province attend the competition.

Meanwhile, the Teenage tennis competition will begin on July 19. Total 158 tennis players from 11 cities across the province will attend the competition. All competition will be ended on July 27.