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Dalian Bingshan Group Engineering Co., Ltd.

Dalian Bingshan Group Engineering Co., Ltd.
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Dalian Bingshan Group Engineering Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DBEC”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dalian Refrigeration Co.,Ltd, which is a listed company of Bingshan Group. DBEC is a new engineering platform created by Bingshan group to further develop market, serve customers, promote business model innovation, and achieve the medium-term development goals. DBEC has many qualifications, such as mechanical and electrical installation engineering construction general contracting, steel structure engineering professional contracting, anti-corrosion and insulation engineering professional contracting, pressure vessel design ,and installation , renovation and maintenance of special equipment. It also have been certified by ISO9001、ISO14001、OHSAS18001 and  AAA level business credit. 
With development orientation of “heating and cooling  engineering, product and service comprehensive solutions provider”, basing on five career fields of “ industrial refrigeration and petrochemical general , food freezing and cold storage, central and commercial air conditioning, parts and engineering trade service ", DBEC commits to the development of heating and cooling, ecology and environmental protection. With a complete industrial chain, great operate model, innovative business model, the company provides engineering consulting, engineering design, equipment integration, engineering general contracting, engineering services, finance lease business solutions for customers. 
DBEC is aim at becoming one of Chinese greatest comprehensive solution company in qualification, scale and benefit of refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. Adhering to operation principle of "leading innovation, creating value", it integrates innovative core heating and cooling technologies, leads new industry demand and creates new value for customers.