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Dalian Bingshan Guardian Automation Co.,Ltd.

Dalian Bingshan Guardian Automation CO.,LTD
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Dalian Bingshan Guardian Automation Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary corporation of Dalian Refrigeration Co.,Ltd., which is also titled as a “National High-tech Enterprise”. Since its establishment, the company has always served the society with its advanced automation technology and high quality products, keeping introducing and absorbing advanced technology from abroad.   

Moreover, in cooperation with domestic famous universities, the company has created an integrated cooperation pattern among the fields of production, academy, research and ultilization, to build a high level technique team, to develop automation products and self-control systems of energy-saving and enviromental friendly with high quality, high technology, high added values, high automaiton, applicable to the controllers and the optimal solutions of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-exchange systems.
With the development of IT technology, infrastructure has provided the continuous innovation. With virtualization technology matures, cloud computing has developed to a new stage. As the most cutting-edge technology for IT technology, cloud computing plays an important role in the future development of IT.

It has developed the iot controller based on 2G / 4G, characterized by quick installation, strong connectivity, easy to use, centralized management, zero maintenance, and easy to expand. Based on the development of the controller and the Internet of things, the company has launched a cold storage management system and energy management system based on the Internet of things.


SCC60   JD025
2GInternet controller JD-IPC-2G   4GInternet controllerJD-IPC-4G