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Bingshan and Linde Have Started Hydrogen Cooperation The first HRS equipment of Linde Hydrogen FuelTech (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (LHFD) was delivered smoothly.

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On September 17th, 2021, the opening ceremony of Linde Hydrogen FuelTech (Dalian) Co., LTD., jointly established by Bingshan, a leading refrigeration and air conditioning enterprise group of China, and Linde, a fortune 500 company, was held in the Bingshan Free Trade Park, and the first HRS equipment was successfully delivered.

Related government leaders of Dalian and Jinpu New Area , customer representatives, experts and scholars of the industry, management team and employee representatives of Linde and Bingshan attended the opening ceremony.


Linde is the world's leading gas and engineering company, currently comprising Linde Gas and Linde Engineering.

Linde Gas serves end markets in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, chemicals, food & beverage, electronics, energy and healthcare.

Linde Engineering, with 1,400 gas process engineering patents, has provided more than 4,600 industrial gas units for customers worldwide.

Since the first air separation unit was provided for China in 1913, Linde Engineering has provided more than 200 units including air separation unit, hydrogen production unit and natural gas liquefaction unit for China.

In recent years, Linde has been committed to becoming a long-term technical partner for the development of China's hydrogen energy industry, exerting its leading technology and engineering strength in the whole industrial chain of hydrogen production, transportation, storage and refueling.


Bingshan group is a leading enterprise in China's refrigeration and air conditioning industry. After 91 years of development, Bingshan group focuses on Industrial refrigeration & heat transfer, air conditioning & environment, commercial refrigeration, components, engineering & services, industrial Internet, biotechnology, financial leasing, regional energy management and other businesses.

In China, it takes the lead in establishing complete Refrigeration & Heat Transfer industry chain, value chain and innovation chain.


Zero carbon hydrogen energy is an important energy source to realize green energy replacement process.

In order to meet the development needs of Emission Peak & Carbon Neutralization, Bingshan Group organically combined its design, manufacturing and service capabilities with the advanced technology and successful experience of Linde. On September 25, 2020, Linde Hydrogen FuelTech (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was jointly established and officially started production at the end of March 2021.


September 17th, the company officially opened, the first product was off the production line.

In the next step, the company will follow the development trend of hydrogen energy, under the guidance of Dalian hydrogen energy development plan, bases in Dalian, serves the markets of China, Japan and South Korea, and contributes to the realization of carbon reduction targets in China.


At the ceremony, the company’s hydrogen ionic compressor technology was officially released, and the local manufacturing capacity and planning of HRS equipment were deeply introduced.

“We expect China to be one of the key growth markets for hydrogen in the future,” Said Dr. Alexander Unterschuetz, Senior Vice President of Linde Engineering, in a video. “The new assembly workshop and test bench represent our commitment to supporting the development of China's emerging and exciting hydrogen industry.”


Jochen Buetzler, CFO of Linde Engineering APAC, delivered a speech. He believed that the cooperation between Linde and Bingshan would not only exploit new markets for each other, but also make important contributions to global environmental protection and the promotion of new clean energy.


Zhijian Ji, chairman of Bingshan Group, said that the opening of LHFD and the completion of the first HRS are not only a new beginning for Bingshan's hydrogen energy business, but also a new beginning for Bingshan to accelerate the realization of Emission Peak & Carbon Neutralization by basing on energy-saving and carbon reduction technologies.

He hoped that with the production line of HRS and the improvement of production capacity, LHFD could accelerate the implementation of related equipment in Dalian, create a new model of hydrogen stations, and build Dalian into a new highland for the development of hydrogen energy industry in China.

Bingshan will continue to deepen the joint venture and cooperation with Linde, give full play to the respective advantages of both sides, and make use of the special advantages of the Bingshan Refrigeration & Heat Transfer industry chain to make LHFD stronger as soon as possible, so that the company will become a famous new brand, a booming new business, and the single champion in the field of China's hydrogenation refueling station equipment.

At the same time, Bingshan hoped that more new technologies and schemes of energy saving and carbon reduction could be implemented in various fields in Dalian, making remarkable contributions to achieving Emission Peak & Carbon Neutralization early.


The company's first off-line product is the TWIN IC90/60 ionic compressor unit, with hydrogen outlet pressure of 90MPa and fueling capacity of 56kg/h. It is designed and manufactured according to the relevant standards of South Korea and will be sold to the South Korean market.


Whether it is used as fuel for various vehicles or as material for industrial installations, the use of green and low-carbon hydrogen can achieve significant carbon reduction benefits.

In the future, LHFD plans to enrich the product portfolios to satisfy the demands of China commercial vehicle refueling, and accelerate the process of localization, continue to practice the enterprise mission, "Making our world more productive". With high-quality technologies, services and solutions, the company will contribute to the rapid development of hydrogen energy industry and the realization of "Carbon Neutralization " goal together with all sectors of society.