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Love Makes Dream Students Ignite Hope Good results have been achieved for those being helped students of Alphavita Bio-scientific (Dalian) Co.,Ltd

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 On the afternoon of August 19th, Alphavita Bio-scientific once again came to Maqiaozi Street to carry out a love-student activities. Zhao Guangyu, the company's deputy general manager, granted to six poor students and express he would continue to make efforts for students in need, dedicate love, while hoping that the students would cherish the hard-won learning opportunities and strive to become the backbone of society.

 Assisted student representative Chen was admitted to the University of International Business and Economics with excellent results this year, she expressed her gratitude to the enterprise, said she would work hard, return to society, and contribute to the economic development of the motherland and hometown. The street of the company's donation for education behavior expressed gratitude and presented to "the truth of the students, love education talent" the banner.

 The roses in her hand, the flavor in mine. Devote the love, bring the hope. Alphavita Bio-scientific has always been concerned about poor students and assumed corporate responsibilities. As long as Alphavita Bio-scientific exists, the charity will go on.