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Prosperity! Jiang Zhimin, "the Most Beautiful people of BINGSHAN ", was honored to be selected into "Dalian Good People list" in the first half of 2021.

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On July 29, the release ceremony of " Dalian Good People list " in the first half of 2021 and the exchange activity between moral models and good people around, sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Dalian Municipal Committee and Dalian civilization office, were held in the form of online live broadcast without audience. The list of 42 "Dalian Good People" from all industries and 11 districts, cities and counties in the city was announced. Among them, the second "the Most Beautiful People of BINGSHAN" Panasonic Appliances Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. hereinafter called PACCD) Jiang Zhimin was honored to be selected into "Dalian Good People list" in the first half of 2021.

Jiang Zhimin is deputy minister of logistics department of PACCD, 59 years old, he set up the volunteer station of PACCD five years ago and devoted himself to public benefit activities in his spare time.

At present, the volunteer station has 138 formal volunteers and 5 social service groups. Over the years, the station has carried out 13,400 hours of traffic maintenance activities, 3,200 hours of environmental protection activities, visited the nursing home for the elderly for 5 times, donated RMB 2,979, and participated in the charity education activities with a total donation RMB of 108,000. During the epidemic, he organized volunteers to donate blood, stand guard and transport materials for the lockdown community. He has been awarded the honorary titles of 5-star Volunteer, Outstanding Team member of "Love Angel" Education Program, Outstanding Volunteer of Ganjingzi District, and "the Most Beautiful people of BINGSHAN" of Bingshan Group, etc. His team has also been awarded the excellent Student Aid Team of Dalian Charity Federation for many times.

Over the years, Bingshan Group has adhered to the selection platform of "Triple Advanced and Double Excellent", "the Most Beautiful people of BINGSHAN" and labor model, strengthened the selection and publicity of advanced models, worked hard to create a strong public opinion atmosphere in which excellent people are loved and models are respected. By showing the spiritual outlook of the majority of party members, cadres and workers who are good and energetic, we will continue to provide vigorous positive energy for the innovation and development of the group. "Dalian Good People" Jiang Zhimin, is an epitome of the advanced model of the majority of Bingshan workers, and is also an example for the majority of Party members, cadres and workers.

We hope that every Bingshan person will be the transmitter of the most beautiful spirit, the practitioner of Bingshan characteristic culture, the striver of Bingshan cooling and heating industry, and the dreamer of the Bingshan centennial goal. We will walk together all the way on the new journey of realizing the Bingshan centennial dream and achieving the Chinese dream!