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One BAC,For A Better Future BAC China Officially Launched in Dalian

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On July 30, 2019, BAC China, a joint venture between DBG and BAC Company, held a launching ceremony in Dalian to officially start its new operation. Mr. Ji Zhijian, DBG Chairman & President, Mr. Don Fetzer, BAC Global President, Mr. Adam Bee, BAC Global Vice President & Managing Director of Asia Pacific, were present to congratulate the ceremony.

BAC China is an integration of BAC Dalian Co., Ltd. and the former BAC Cooling Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Among them, the BAC Dalian Co., Ltd. was a joint venture between DBG and BAC in 1997. Since its establishment, the company's Ice Thermal Storage, Evaporative Cooling, Closed Circuit Cooling Towers and other refrigeration and air-conditioning heat transfer equipment have not only become an indispensable part of the DBG cold and heat industry chain, but also filled the gaps in the relevant domestic market areas. Its Ice Thermal Storage, the product champion of the market in this field, is applied to the regional cooling system of Shanghai Tower, Shenzhen Ping An International Finance Centre, Shenzhen Qianhai, the Chongqing Two-Rivers New Area, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center and so on. The former BAC Cooling Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a sole proprietorship of BAC, specializing in the production of open cooling towers.

In order to further grasp the opportunities for the development of the new era in China, to give full play to China's advantages in market space, research and development, production and manufacturing, and to continuously provide better heat transfer equipment and services for China and the Asia-Pacific region, in September 2018, DBG and BAC decided to formally merge BAC Dalian Co., Ltd. and BAC Cooling Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., which are located in China, to establish BAC China and integrate business in China. BAC China is headquartered in BAC Dalian Co., Ltd. August 1, 2019 was designated as the formal merger day of BAC Dalian Co., Ltd. and BAC Cooling Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

At the launch ceremony on July 30, Don Fetzer, global president of BAC, said, "China's evaporative cooling and ice thermal storage market is becoming increasingly important for BAC. BAC will continue to increase investment in research and development in China, accelerate the introduction of innovative global products, and further expand production capacity. We are pleased to further expand our deep cooperation with DBG, the leading refrigeration enterprise in China.”

In his speech, Mr. Ji Zhijian, chairman and president of DBG, expressed great expectations for the new BAC China. " As long as we continue to uphold the concept of win-win cooperation, our way forward will be broader, the space for development will be broader, and our future will be more promising."

Mr. Adam Bee, BAC Global Vice President & Managing Director of Asia Pacific, said, " This integration is of great significance for BAC to establish a unified brand image in the Chinese market. It can not only provide a window for local customers, but also respond to market demand more quickly and provide a differentiated customer experience. We firmly believe that the future will be better when we become one BAC."

Since BAC China announced its integration, the sales team has made remarkable achievements in the market in 2019 with a unified BAC image. After integration, BAC China will become an excellent supplier of HVAC, industrial refrigeration and process cooling in the Asia-Pacific region, providing customers with industry-leading, energy-saving evaporative cooling equipment and application solutions.