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Innovation Award?PAPCCDL came out on top!

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May 12-15, Panasonic Appliances Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. attended the "New Consumption BBS -- 2019 China Convenience Store Conference" held in Wuhan. They won the “2019 China Convenience Store Innovation Award” from the China Chain Operation Association (CCFA) for their "energy management and store intelligence system".


As the largest and most authoritative annual event in China's convenience store industry, the conference brought together leaders of many leading enterprises in the industry; nearly 1,800 people attended it, and explore the "road of convenience stores with Chinese characteristics". The judging group of "2019 China Convenience Store Innovation Award" is composed of many convenience store enterprises and experts, a total of 24 enterprises received this award, and PAPCCDL is the only award refrigeration equipment enterprises.

PAPCCDL provides convenience stores with a variety of choices of cold chain equipment and intelligent solutions, making small and beautiful convenience stores favored by more young consumers. Energy saving and excellence!


With the help of energy management and store intelligence systems, PAPCCDL convenience store solutions serve the worlds well-known chain brands.

        General Manager Zhang jinghao went on stage to accept the award. (First from right)