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Bingshan International Power: The energy-saving system technology of PAPARDL won the national award of Vietnam

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Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (Dalian) Co., Ltd. together with Vietnamese partners jointly promoted the Waste-heat utilization project of Feishan coal industry. The project won the first prize of the state of Vietnam in the excellent project selection held by the National Technology Creation Examination in Vietnam 2018. And it also represented Vietnam at the International Conference on Technology Creation in South Korea, where it won another gold medal. Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc presented the award certificate at the ceremony. Meanwhile, Feishan coal industry Stage I and II will be symbolic project of Vietnamese government. 


Facing the competition in the field of traditional air conditioning equipment, PAPARDL started its sales transformation since 2017, actively expanding its sales channels to the field of heat exchange equipment, and has performed well in the industry market in 2018.


In 2018, through collaboration with Vietnamese partners, PAPARDL apply waste heat/ exhaust gas recycling LiBr absorption chiller in the             Feishan Coal Industry project in Vietnam. After end-user test, the new technology can replace the traditional Freon air conditioning refrigeration, thus effectively reducing the greenhouse effect, saving 40% of the cost for the enterprise. The energy saving and environmental protection effects of the new technology are remarkable. At present, the application of this new technology has caused a lot of concern in Vietnam domestic enterprises, PAPAPDL is fully cooperate with partners for market promotion, follow-up market prospects.


The development of a country needs transformation and breakthrough, and the development of enterprises needs self-breakthrough and innovation. We believe that under the efforts of all the staff of PAPAPDL, we are sure to deliver beautiful business performance to Bingshan in 2019!