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Dalian Bingshan Group Huahuida Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd.

Dalian Bingshan Group Hua Hui Da Financial Leasing Co,.Ltd

Company Profile  
Dalian Bingshan Group Huahuida Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd (“BSFL”), a new Joint-venture finance company was established by Bingshan group and Tokyo Century Corporation on 6th of March 2017. 
The registered capital is RMB170M, 60% of share is funded by Bingshan, 40% is funded by Tokyo Century Co.,. The registered address is Liaohe East Road No.106, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dalian, Liaoning and belongs to the area of Liaoning Free Trade Zone.  
BSFL has three advantages, which are “strong marketing resources” provided by Bingshan, Tokyo Century’s “highly experience and knowledge in finance field”, and “the benefit from the local policies” to the financial leasing companies in Free Trade Zone.  
BSFL is engaged in offering varies financial services for each member of Bingshan Group and the customers of Bingshan, furthermore, makes contribution to the development of economy and society.
Major Business:  
BSFL mainly provides following financial services to the customers.
1) Finance Leasing 
The leasing company purchases equipment from machine dealers, and leases the 
equipment to the customer (“the lessee”) for a fixed period(2-3years).
 The lessee can enjoy the equipment’s right of use with small initial cost rather than 
purchasing in a lump.
2) Sale and lease back
The lessee sells their own equipment to the leasing company. After the transfer of   the owner-ship, the leasing company leases equipment to the lessee for a fixed period(2-3years).
The lessee not only has the equipment’s right of use as before,  but also obtains new working capital.
3) Operating Leasing
The leasing company leases equipment to the lessee with residual value. Owner-ship of the equipment has been owned by the leasing company while right of use belongs to the customer. 
Even though monthly rental fee is not lower than financial lease transaction, the lessee has possibility of off-balance-sheet, and can afford flexible lease period.
Leasing item  
Contact Address:
No.888 Southwest Road, 9th Floor Office building, Shahekou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, PRC  
Zip code: 116033
Tel: 0411-8653-8800   0411-8653-8833