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Group overview

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Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale mixed ownership enterprise group with a history of 87 years. The group has created a listed company, 18 Sino-foreign joint ventures and 23 domestic enterprises centered on the heating and cooling businesses such as industrial refrigeration and general petrochemical machinery, food refrigeration and cold storage, central and commercial air conditioning, parts and engineering trade and services, with total assets of RMB 12.4 billion, and a total of 12,000 employees. Bingshan is a Chinese green equipment manufacturing enterprise mastering major refrigeration technologies, having maintained the leading position in the refrigeration industry in China for more than 20 years. 


With "leading innovation and creating value" as the business philosophy, and heating and cooling technologies as the core, Bingshan has created a complete heating and cooling industrial chain, and built the heating and cooling industrial bases in Dalian, Wuhan, and Changzhou. Relying on the heating and cooling technology innovation center in Dalian, and the intelligent manufacturing demonstration base, Bingshan innovates the business model, develops new formats, carries out developments according to the needs of customers, and speeds up the pace of transformation and upgrading following the smile curve,Relying on the complete heating and cooling industrial chain, the company actively upgrades itself towards the heating and cooling value chain through technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing and heating and cooling service, constantly opens up the inclusive heating and cooling ecological circle, and continuously leads the development of China's heating and cooling business.


Relying on the Internet of things, the cloud platform, as well as the green intelligent heating and cooling industrial clusters, and the nationwide market service platform, Bingshan provides safe, green, and intelligent whole-industry-chain heating and cooling products, services and integrated solutions for agriculture, industry, and enterprises in the online way or offline way, leading the structural reform on the supply side of China's heating and cooling business. 


Bingshan is one of the makers of the industry standard of refrigeration and air conditioning in China, having been involved in the development of 73 national and industry standards. More than 180 new patents are created per year. 


Bingshan is the pioneer of the Chinese heating and cooling businesses in developing the overseas market. After nearly 30 years of deep plowing, the current Bingshan heating and cooling products, engineering and solutions have been serving more than 70 countries and regions. In recent years, with the advance of the “One Belt One Road” strategy, Bingshan Group, together with their strategic partners, has been actively participating in international production cooperation, strengthening the heating and cooling related construction and service in Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Central and South America and other areas, and deepening the development of the “One Belt and One Road” market space, while being upgraded from the simple refrigeration equipment to frozen refrigeration projects. It has become an important participant in the construction of the international cold chain logistics infrastructure.