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Research and development of high-horsepower scroll compressor for air source heat pump units" was selected as a key science and technology research and development plan project in Dalian in 2022

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Recently, the Dalian Science and Technology Bureau announced the list of key scientific and technological research and development plans and major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects in 2022, and the project "Research and Development of High-horsepower Scroll Compressors for Air Source Heat Pump Units" declared by Panasonic Compressor was successfully selected and won the first place in this field. This selection as a municipal key scientific and technological research and development is the first provincial and municipal key project approved in the company's history, which not only marks the leap forward improvement of the company's innovation strength, but also means that the research and development results have been significantly enhanced in technological advancement and industrial leadership.

Dalian Key Science and Technology R&D Plan is the highest level of science and technology project in Dalian, aiming to enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises, reflecting Dalian's overall scientific and technological innovation ability and the current frontier of scientific and technological innovation. This year, more than 50 companies participated in the green technology special project, and competed for the final 5 places, and the competition was very fierce. Panasonic compressors not only stood out and were successfully selected, but also came out on top.

Today's success is yesterday's sweat, and this selection is not accidental, which is the result of Panasonic Compressor's courage to reform and innovation, and it is also the crystallization of deep cultivation and unity in the industry. In terms of thinking, take the initiative to follow up government projects, cater to the national policy orientation to vigorously promote industry-university-research cooperation, keep up with the cutting-edge trends of academia, and realize the transformation from "capable" to "skillful"; In terms of methods, optimize the talent training system and product development system. Relying on years of technical precipitation and meticulous crafting, the R&D results are fully commercialized and the evolution from "usable" to "easy to use" is realized.

This project is a comprehensive affirmation of the company's innovative research and development advantages, scientific and technological plan project implementation ability and other comprehensive factors, and it is also a powerful spur and encouragement for compressor people to move forward.

Tomorrow's success still needs today's efforts, Panasonic compressor will take this opportunity to continue to give full play to its R&D advantages and technological innovation capabilities, prepare for the next application for provincial key projects, and achieve high-quality, high-speed and high-efficiency development of the enterprise.