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The 22nd in Dalian Bingshan Group! Alphavita Bio-Scientific (Dalian) Co. Ltd. was honored the title of "High-tech Enterprise"

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At the beginning of New Year, good news comes to Alphavita Bio-Scientific  (Dalian) Co. Ltd. The national "High-Tech Enterprise Accreditation Management Network" released “the List of Supplementary Filing for the Third Batch of High-tech Enterprises accredited in Dalian, Liaoning Province in 2021”. According to the relevant provisions of the Measures for the Accreditation Management of High-Tech Enterprises (Guokefeifa [2016] No.32) and the Guidelines for the Accreditation Management of High-tech Enterprises (Guokefeifa [2016] No.195), Alphavita Bio-Scientific  (Dalian) Co. Ltd. was recognized as a "High-Tech Enterprise" and became the 22nd High-Tech Enterprise of Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd..


For three consecutive years since Alphavita Bio-Scientific  (Dalian) Co. Ltd. was recognized as a high-tech enterprise,  it will enjoy the relevant preferential policies of the state on high-tech enterprises, which will have a positive impact on the improvement of the company's future business performance. The achievement of the honorary title of "High-tech Enterprise" not only indicates that the company has been highly recognized by relevant state departments in R&D and innovation, but also a great spur and encouragement to Alphavita This recognition has actively promoted the process of independent innovation and research and development of the company, and it is of great significance to promote the technological transformation of the company, enhance the brand image and market value.


Obtaining high-tech enterprises is an incentive for the professional technical team of Alphavita’s R&D Center. After years of precipitation, they have become a professional technical team with excellent professional quality, comprehensive technology, high sense of responsibility and professionalism. In the future, they will occupy a place in the industry with their professional technical level and R&D ability.