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Be on the List Again! Panasonic Appliances Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Air Cooler Products Was Honored the Title of "Leader" of Enterprise Standard in 2021.

News center
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On December 28th, 2021, official website, the "leader" of enterprise standard, sent another good news, Panasonic Appliances Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. hereafter called PAPCCDL) air cooler products were shortlisted. This is also the honor of PAPCCDL after winning of leader of enterprise standard of products of  supermarkets, convenience stores and showcase etc.


Based on the enterprise standard self-declaration disclosure and supervision system, the enterprise standard "leader" compares and evaluates the open standard indicators, sets a benchmark, and drives the standardization system innovation of industry transformation and upgrading. PAPCCDL actively responded to the policy orientation, implemented it, designed the mainstream best-selling products with green innovation, saved energy and improved efficiency, which reflected that the core indicators reached the domestic advanced level and won the honor of "leader" of enterprise standard, which will surely bring substantial benefits to the customers of PAPCCDL, improve the reputation of PAPCCDL brand and contribute to the social responsibility of PAPCCDL. At this point, there will be 71 kinds of products in four categories in PAPCCDL that can be affixed with the special logo of "leader" of enterprise standard.


2021 is the 1st year of the Green and Efficient Refrigeration Action Plan. The 1st year when China announced its acceptance of the Kigali Amendment and began to implement the Convention, and it is also the 2nd year when China's double-carbon target falls to the ground. The cold chain industry where PAPCCDL is located is not the leading industry in the double-carbon target, but an industry that has to contribute. The double-carbon target will bring new challenges and opportunities to the cold chain industry. In order to meet this historical opportunity, PAPCCDL has been actively carrying out various layout work to upgrade the challenge, and will continue to lead green, innovate and efficiently. I believe Panasonic Appliances Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. will contribute to the future of our motherland.