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7 Enterprises of BINGSHAN Group won the 1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize of Dalian Enterprise Management Progress Achievement in 2020

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Dalian Enterprise Federation issued the Liaoning Province Enterprise Management Innovation Achievement Award in 2020, 7 funded enterprises of BINGSHAN Group won 12 awards. ''Innovative Management of Intellectual Property System to Meet the Needs of Enterprise Development” of Panasonic Appliances Air-conditioning and Refrigeration (Dalian) Co., Ltd., “Cell-based Precision Equipment Management Applications of Panasonic Appliances Compressor (Dalian) Co., Ltd, “Innovation Process Implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing to meet market demand” of Dalian Fuji Bingshan Vending Machine Co., Ltd. and other achievements, won the 1st prize of Dalian 2020 Enterprise Management Progress Achievement. “Performance-oriented R & D Project Promotion and Management”, Promote implementation of green procurement management approach” of Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration System (Dalian) Co., Ltd, ”Refined management of manufacturing costs centered on enhancing product competitiveness”,  “Production innovation system driven by industrial upgrading aimed at improving manufacturing capacity”,  “Reducing manufacturing cycle by lean management” and other achievements of Panasonic Appliances Compressor (Dalian) Co., Ltd., won the 2nd prize of Dalian 2020 Enterprise Management Progress Achievement. “Improved production management system based on TWO-DIMENSIONAL code technology” of Panasonic Appliances Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd., “Risk control and management of manufacturing costs” of Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration System (Dalian) Co., Ltd, Intelligent construction boost enterprise management level” of Dalian New Meica Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, “Construction and implementation of budget management information system” of Dalian Spindle Environmental Facilities Co., Ltd. and other achievements, won the 3rd prize of Dalian 2020 Enterprise Management Progress Achievement.

 The enterprises of BINGSHAN Group have been awarded the achievements of management progress in Dalian for many years, consistently promoted enterprise management innovation and management improvement, and have achieved positive results in seeking benefits and quality from management.

 Award-winning enterprises should give full play to the exemplary role of achievements, strengthen exchanges and learn from each other, drive more enterprises to seriously improve enterprise management progress and innovation, promote the reform of enterprise quality, efficiency and dynamic, and realize high-quality development of enterprises.