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Segment market deep cultivation PAPARDL Makes Success Again in the Field of Education

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  Panasonic Appliances Air-conditioning and Refrigeration (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (herein after called PAPARDL) successfully won a comprehensive education park project in Dalian and established another benchmark project in the field of education relying on the leading technology, excellent quality and high quality service.


 The project is the largest basic education entity in the country so far, with an area of 197,000 square meters. It integrates various facilities such as teaching, entertainment, sports and life, and can realize one-stop enrollment from kindergarten to high school. PAPARDL according to the park building function diversification, complexity, tailored for its green low-carbon, healthy and comfortable, convenient and intelligent, energy-efficient GHP gas air conditioning heating and cooling system solutions for teachers and students to provide quality heating and cooling services.


 GHP gas air conditioning is driven by clean gas. It has the characteristics of energy saving, low carbon, comfortable cooling, strong heating and more flexible small modules. It focuses on creating environmentally friendly and comfortable building cooling and heating solutions to meet more medical, education, pension, office and other differentiated needs.


 Education is an important cornerstone of national revitalization and social progress. PAPARDL will adhere to the concept of ' Enterprise is the common resource of society ', innovate technology and lead products, and strive to provide high-quality projects for the development of education, and make new contributions to the realization of the national ' CO2 Peaking and CO2 Neutral ' goal.