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Three funded enterprises of BingShan Group were honored as Liaoning Province Enterprise Technology Center

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In early August 2021, it was reviewed by Liaoning Provincial Department of industry and information technology, development and Reform Commission, Department of science and technology, Department of finance, State Administration of Taxation and Liaoning Provincial Bureau of taxation, PAPCCAD, PAPARDL, DSE were recognized as the provincial enterprise technology center in 2021 (the 24th batch).

In May this year, Liaoning Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and Dalian Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on Applying for Provincial Enterprise Technology Center in 2021, which recommended 117 enterprises with obvious development advantages and competitive advantages in the same industry in the province and strong technological innovation ability and level to apply for provincial enterprise technology center. Each company attaches great importance to this and has established a special working group with corresponding division of labor, got this recognition with everyone's unity, cooperation and joint efforts.