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PAPRSDL won the 2020 Panasonic China Northeast Asia Corporation Wonder Award

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In April 2021, the " CO2  Transcritical Refrigeration Unit" project of Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration System (Dalian) Co., Ltd. won the Panasonic China Northeast Asia Corporation 2020 product commendation Wonder award, which is the honor after winning the award in 2019 again.

This award mainly commendation the enterprise to develop the products that are expected by the president and make customers feel "surprised, expected and challenged" and can contribute to the growth performance in the process of transformation. In the value-creating initiatives, it has outstanding characteristics in commodity planning, environment, technology, design and other aspects, and creates products, systems and services that bring changes to the lives of the company and customers. Winning this award for two consecutive years is a full recognition of the innovative design and customer value of PAPRSDL.

Domestic CO2 transcritical freezing and refrigeration technology started late in China, and both scientific research institutions and enterprises are still in the research stage. PAPRSDL seized the market opportunity, developed the product, and applied it in the market, successfully leading the development direction of the industry; The project has been listed in the key science and technology research and development plan of Dalian in 2020 by Dalian Science and Technology Bureau, and has been highly appraised by experts, and fully recognized in terms of social benefits and economic benefits.

Create value for customers, strive to build a leader of green intelligent refrigeration and heating solutions, maintain Chinese refrigeration industry (new refrigerant) No.1 and lead the development of the industry, 2021, PAPRSDL will strive to make further achievements!