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Commercial CO₂ Heat Pump Standard is about to be released, Panasonic Appliances Compressor (Dalian) Co., Ltd. participated in the preparation

News center
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  • Recently, led by the National Energy Administration and organized and drafted by China Energy Conservation Association, a seminar on the standard of Commercial CO Heat Pump Standard was held in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. As a member of the standard drafting committee, Panasonic Appliances Compressor (Dalian) Co., Ltd. together with industry experts and peer enterprises had an in-depth discussion and exchange. After the seminar, the standard will be finalized, and will be officially published and printed by the National Energy Administration after the completion of the approval.
  • In order to promote the health, efficient and comprehensive development of the industry, under the strong drive of the national environmental protection policy, CO heat pump with its safety and environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, wide range of application, convenient installation and many other advantages will become the most economic environmental protection choice instead of traditional coal burning or oil burning boiler.
  • Using CO heat pump as heat source, 90 ℃ high temperature hot water can be produced by one-time heating, and it can operate stably at - 30 ℃ ambient temperature at least. These two key technical features have not been reflected and standardized in any of the current standards. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate corresponding industry standards to guide the development, production and sales of this kind of products. The participation of enterprises in the preparation of standards is conducive to the standardization of such products.