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Excellent in Year of the Ox! The "Modern Enterprise Management Demonstration Project" of Bingshan Group Invested Enterprises has reached a new stage

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 In order to commend the advanced, set an example, lead and promote the overall level of enterprise management in the industry, guide and encourage more entrepreneurs to strive for the construction of manufacturing power and quality power, and consolidate the foundation of enterprise management, the China Machinery Industry Management Association continued to carry out the "Modern Enterprise Management Demonstration Project" in 2020.


 The operation and management department of Bingshan Group organizes the investment enterprise to declare the project actively, and has obtained gratifying results in the selection activity of "Modern Enterprise Management Demonstration Project" in 2020. Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration System (Dalian) Co., Ltd. and Dalian Spindle Environmental Facilities Co., Ltd. won the mechanical industry modern enterprise management demonstration enterprise; Ding Jie, the general manager of Bingshan Refrigeration & Heat Transfer Technologies Co., Ltd, and Song Jun, the general manager of Dalian Universe Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. won the outstanding entrepreneur; Lu Jun, general manager assistant of Bingshan Refrigeration & Heat Transfer Technologies Co., Ltd won the outstanding management worker; the scroll machine processing department of Panasonic Appliance compressor (Dalian) co., Ltd. was rated as excellent workshop, Ge Mingjiu was rated as excellent workshop director. In the enterprise management modernization innovation achievement selection, Panasonic Appliance compressor (Dalian) co., Ltd. won the second prize and the third prize, Dalian Spindle Environmental Facilities Co., Ltd.  won the second prize, Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (Dalian) Co., Ltd. won the third prize.


 In the face of the new requirements of quality and efficiency, transformation and development, we hope that more investment enterprises of Bingshan Group will promote enterprise management promotion activities, firmly grasp the characteristics of the new stage, adapt to the "Double-Cycle" development pattern, adhere to the new development concept, innovate technology, business and management models, adhere to the "Double-Wheel" drive of management innovation and technological innovation, adjust structural transformation and upgrade, and achieve high quality development.