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Won the award to Enhance more forward power |PAPCDL add new award

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    Panasonic Appliance compressor (Dalian) co., ltd. won the "second prize of Dalian scientific and technological invention" in the 2018 Dalian science and technology award evaluation of refrigeration compressor project for electric vehicle air conditioning.
    Dalian science and technology award is held once a year. In order to fully implement the innovation-driven development strategy, according to the relevant provisions of "Dalian science and technology award method", the award is awarded by the professional group review, the final review of the review committee and the decision of the municipal government.
    The development of the horizontal fully enclosed electric scroll compressor for air conditioning of electric buses fills the blank of air conditioning compressor for large electric buses in China and produces 5 patents of independent intellectual property rights. This series of products have been applied in the batch of electric buses of 8 meters or above of famous brands such as BYD and YUTONG, and the market share of the products is more than 80%.
    This award is both affirmation and encouragement; PAPCDL will continue to move forward, with full enthusiasm and solid corporate strength. And make greater contributions to building an innovative city and promoting the development of science and technology.