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“Meet Bingshan, foresee the future”-- Bingshan Group's 2018 campus job fair in Harbin Commercial University.

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On October 19, 2018, Bingshan Group organized 8 funded enterprises to successfully hold the "Meet Bingshan • foresee the future" -- Bingshan Group's 2018 campus job fair in Harbin Commercial University.

Dr. Zheng Qiumei, President of Harbin Commercial      University, held a pre-conference meeting with Mr. Fan Wen, vice President of Bingshan Group. Deputy party secretary Yang Dianjun and other comrades attended the job fair. Yang said Bingshan Group is an important partner of the university and supports students in their employment. Li Zhaopeng, general manager of Bingshan Technology Service (Dalian) co., Ltd., is an excellent alumnus of Harbin Commercial University. He told about his growth in Bingshan Group, and welcomed the graduating student to Bingshan Group employment.

The recruitment representatives of each enterprise explained the characteristics of the enterprise. After the presentation, the students actively participated in sending out resumes to interested enterprises, and nearly 200 resumes were received online and offline.

The success of this campus job fair lays a solid foundation for promoting school-enterprise cooperation and also laying a solid foundation for the talent reserve of the group.

Talent is the foundation of Bingshan development. It leads innovation with knowledge and creates value with action. We look forward to witnessing the glorious moment of the Bingshan in its hundred years with those who have ideals.