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Ji Zhijian, chairman of Bingshan Group, visited Chengdu Bingshan for investigation

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On the afternoon of October 12, Ji Zhijian, chairman of Bingshan Group, accompanied by Tian Xueye, general manager of Dalian Bingshan Group Engineering Co., Ltd, went to Chengdu Bingshan for further investigation and guidance.

Mr. Ji heard report from Mr. Lv Hua, the general manager of Chengdu Bingshan about the work summary of the first three quarters of 2018 and the annual work plan of 2018.

He acknowledge the well done work of Chengdu Bingshan in the first three quarters, emphasizing that Chengdu Bingshan and Bingshan engineering resources should be fully shared and the product lineup should be more plentiful. He hoped that the enterprise should take a long-term perspective, make a long-term strategic positioning, and realize the optimization of enterprise benefits.

Chengdu Bingshan staff full of confidence, they will continue to rely on the broad platform and strong backing of Bingshan Group, live up to expectations and complete the mission!