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Dalian Bingshan carried out "Poverty Alleviation Day" activity

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On the eve of "National Poverty Alleviation Day" of Oct 16, Mr. Hu Xitang, deputy party secretary of Bingshan Group, represented Bingshan Group together with related personnel of the organization department of the company to Songlin village, Guangmingshan town, Zhuanghe city. They donate more than 10,000 Yuan to six children who are from poor families and to go to school. The donations from member of the Communist Party provided financial aid and love.

Bingshan Group further studied and implemented general secretary Xi Jinping's new ideas, thoughts and strategies on poverty alleviation work, actively explored a sustainable poverty alleviation model. The poverty alleviation activities of Songlin village put the poverty alleviation work into practice, and use the poverty alleviation funds in the places where it is most needed. Bingshan will make efforts to continuously fight a battle against poverty.