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Bingshan Group attended the 2018 China Refrigeration Exhibition

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On April 9, 2018, the world's largest refrigeration exhibition--the 29th China international refrigeration exhibition was held at Beijing new international exhibition center. The theme of this exhibition is "to improve the quality and efficiency, balance the development, not forget the initial determination and create the future". More than 1,400 units from more than 100 countries participated in the refrigeration exhibition.

As the leading enterprise in China's refrigeration industry, Bingshan Group made the theme of "extreme cold and hot 88 years", focusing on new energy, new environment and new cold chain.

It showed the image, attitude and ability of BINGSHAN to build a century brand and lead the innovation development.

In this refrigeration exhibition, BINGSHAN joint 18 participating enterprises displayed nearly 50 innovative products of different types and specifications.

At the same time, the core components such as scroll compressor, automobile air conditioning, new generation air conditioning and fan controller are also showed. It reflected the new achievements of the balanced development of BIGNSHAN' refrigeration and heating.

In recent years, BINGSHAN devoted themselves to promoting the service manufacturing industry of hot and cold.

During the exhibition, DRC held a seminar on Deep Enthalpy Energy and shared a comprehensive solution of the BINGSHAN for refrigeration and heating from -270~220℃temperature zone.