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To become a top-level international player, transcend dreams

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Flying dreams and achieving success --2018 Business objective conference of Bingshan Group

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  Bingshan Group 2018 business objective conference was held in Dalian Minzu University gymnasium. Mr. Ji Zhijian, the chairman of Bingshan Group, published the business development objective of Bingshan Group in 2018. He suggested the staff of Bingshan Group value management, making progress while maintaining stability and forward to a new era of high-quality development. The stockholders' representative of Bingshan Group, leadership of Bingshan Group, independent directors of DRC, equity representatives of group members and staff representatives nearly 2500 people attended this conference.

  Chairman Ji reviewed and summarized the work of Bingshan Group in 2017. He published the mid-term (2018-2020) plan and the business plan of 2018.

  In 2017, with the support of all sectors of society, the work of Bingshan Group was carried out steadily and in an orderly manner. Fully completed the indicators, achieved both quality and efficient development.

  Chairman Ji call for staying true to the mission, down-to-earth, going forward hand in hand, together striving for the magnificent of Century Bingshan.

  At the end of conference, 26 managers took over the corporate flag from Chairman Ji's hands. All staff will manage to achieve the goal of 2018!

  The conference begins with the song "Fly over, dream" and ends with the song "Walking on the road."