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New Year Greetings

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New Year Greetings

Ji Zhijian, the chairman and President of Dalian Bingshan Group co., Ltd.

  With accompanying of circling of four seasons, in the New Year’s Day, I on behalf of Bingshan Group management team, to the friends, the clients and the partners all over the world as well as all our staff express my heartfelt thanks and regards!

  In 2017, Bingshan Group has realized transformation, upgrading, innovation and development. Under the cordial care and strong support of leaders at the central and provincial levels, Bingshan group has completed all the economic indicators determined by the board of directors and achieved steady growth of both quality and efficiency. The connotation, development model and quality of development have changed significantly, and the development of Bingshan has entered a new era.

  New era, new responsibility, new mission, new responsibility.

  Looking ahead to 2018, this is the beginning of the new medium-term development plan for Bingshan, meanwhile it is the key year for the achievement of the Bingshan 2030 development goals. In 2018, we will stand at a new starting point, seize new positions, enter a new era and lead the new trend. We will define high quality development with scientific index system, prevent business risks, further strengthen cash flow management, and continuously improve the intrinsic value of enterprises with continuous and stable high-quality development.

  Let's welcome the dawn of a new era, fly over the dream of the new Bingshan. Leading innovation, creating value, and work together for a century of brilliant Bingshan.

  Finally, I wish both joy and happiness be with you always. Bingshan Group wishes you a happy new year.