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Dalian sanyo Refrigeration Co., Ltd

    Dalian sanyo Refrigeration Co., Ltd, a joint venture invested by Japan Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd, Dalian Refrigeration Co., Ltd, and Japan Nissho Iwai corporation, was founded in September 11st, 1992.The major products are the LiBr absorption chiller, the vacuum boiler and the gas heat pump (GHP). It lies in NO.118 Huaihe West Road, Dalian Economic & Technology Development Zone. The total capital is 6.0 billion Japanese yen and the registered capital is 2.0 billion Japanese yen. There are about 500 employees in the company, and the production capacity is 2000 sets per year.

    Keeping in mind the sacred goal ¡°To improve environment of the Earth and bring benefit to human life¡±, Dalian Sanyo Refrigeration Co., Ltd is in pursuit of creating perfect products and services so as to make great contribution to human being and the Earth.

   Dalian Refrigeration Co., Ltd has made outstanding achievements such as profiting in the frist year, taking back all investment in the three years, and continually paying taxes over 100 million yuan per year in seven years, the total of the tax is more than 700 million yuan.

   In the quality management, Dalian Sanyo Refrigeration Co., Ltd has taken the first in gaining the certification of ISO9002 the Quality Management systems and JB-8656 the safety certification of China machinery in the LiBr chiller industry. The innovative management ¡°3C¡±(Three times of quality confirmation) and ISO9002 the Quality Management Systems guarantee the excellent quality of the products. The company has gained many honors such as ¡°National Advanced Enterprise of Quality Management¡±, ¡°National Excellent Enterprise of Quality Management¡±, ¡°The Enterprise Satisfied by the National Customers¡±, ¡°Excellent National Service Network¡±, ¡°The Products Satisfied by the National Customers¡±, ¡°The Advanced Engineering Unit Satisfied by the Nation Customers¡±, and ¡°National Nominating Prize on Quality management¡±.

    In the environment management, Dalian Sanyo Refrigeration Co., Ltd is the 10th enterprise gained the certification of ISO14001 the Environment Management Systems, also gained the certification of HJBZ22 the Products with Environment Mark in China. It is the unique LiBr chiller in China that gained that two Green Certification. The innovative management ¡°7SEA¡± and ISO14001 Environment management System guarantee the continual improvement. The company has gained that ¡°The prize for exploiting in products with environment mark in China¡±, ¡°The prize for the contribution of products with environment mark in China.

    In the safety management, Dalian Sanyo Refrigeration Co., Ltd is using the high-tech equipment to reduce the work intensity and construct comfortable environment for the employees. Improving the employee¡¯s safety mind with the long-term train.

   In the enterprise management, with the achievement of ¡°self-improving and flexible management¡±, Dalian Sanyo Refrigeration Co., Ltd has gained the honors such as ¡°Topping the list for the achievements in enterprise management innovation in China¡±, ¡°the importance contribution in enterprise management innovation in engineering industry¡±, and ¡°the model enterprise in the management in engineering industry¡±.

   In the enterprise culture, the company always put the operation idea of ¡°creating endless improvement¡± into the business throughout. Now building a integrated enterprise culture system constituted by the four segments of the thought, the behavior, the actualization, and the VI. The construction of the enterprise culture ever award as the ¡°Excellent Achievement of the Chinese Enterprise Culture¡±, ¡°Excellent Achievement of the Chinese Enterprise Culture (VI)¡±, and ¡°Chinese Excellent Collective that builds the enterprise culture¡± in the first China Enterprise Culture Year.

   Dalian Sanyo Refrigeration Co., Ltd. has precisely produced central air-condition products, LiBr absorption chiller, vacuum boiler and gas heat pump with high efficiency, environment protection, mature technology, well operating and unattended management¡±. These products mainly offer refrigeration and heating resource for those large, middle and small central air-condition system which can be used for office buildings, hotels, department stores, cinemas, theaters, gymnasium, factories, oil fields and other national economic area.

The leading products



The LiBr absorption chiller

The LiBr absorption chiller has substituted the Freon chiller. It has been 5 series of 200 and more specifications with the capacity of 20¡«3000 tons of refrigeration, mainly offering cold and heating resource to large ,middle and small central air-conditions.

The vacuum boiler

The vacuum boilers mainly offer the heating resource and living used hot water for various heating and showering systems. And it can offer the heating water for the natatorium. It is the best heating resource for the office, the hotel, the department stores, and the bathhouse.

The gas heat pump (GHP)£¨ GHP£©

The gas heat pump is the new generation central air-condition. The fuels used in GHP are the gas or the LPG which are the no-pollution energy. It can refrigerate in summer and heating in winter. The GHP can be well used in the office builds, the hotels, the hospitals, the schools, and the home.

Address£ºNo.118 Huaihe West Road, Dalian Economic & Technology Development Zone
Tel£º0411-87316275 87310367 87310357

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